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About Us​

We are a premium virtual reality game truck business offering the most reliable and competitive services to deliver a fun and stress-free experience. We deliver the definitive premium VR experience to a location of your choosing. Why? We love VR. We love getting lost in another world, the immersive feeling every time you pull the headset over your eyes. This stunning technology truly needs to be experienced to be believed which is why we made it our goal to offer state of the art rigs in a portable form.We are driven to provide the best experience possible. No pun intended. We constantly update and maintain our devices to maximize user interaction. We offer affordable rates to encourage any and all that possess the desire, to experience this profound technology. Each space is built with optimal accommodation in mind, offering comfortable seating for spectators and ample room for the user.We prioritized safety for customer peace of mind and have taken numerous steps in ensuring a danger-free environment is maintained. With routine inspections and necessary adherence to our strict standards, we aim to provide parents and users alike with a stress-free setting. For any and all questions and concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff awaits your call.

Birthday Parties

Minds will be blown when you book our Virtual Reality on wheels for your next birthday celebration, with games to immerse and engage with no matter the age. Keep the party under control with the ultimate treat (not responsible for excessive amounts of envy from peers or other onlookers)

Corporate Gatherings

Implement the technologic advancements for team building exercises. Guaranteed to capture and hold their attention and foster a cohesive feeling of unity; great for customer appreciation as well! You can’t always approve your employee’s vacation time, but you can bring the vacation to them. Show your deep gratitude and allow the employees to blow off some steam.


This is the perfect solution for your next fundraiser. Put the fun in a fundraiser with an installation guarantee to strike an interest. Entertain for a good cause with eyes on the prize.


An inspired way to tailgate, meet up with friends before the game with a quick game or two. Instill a winning mentality and foster a competitive atmosphere. Get your headset in the pregame!

Block Party

Play for an entire afternoon or a whole day. Enjoy our flexible rental times by the hour. We require a two-hour minimum for all events. Some exclusions apply!
As a premium virtual reality game truck, we are dedicated to delivering seamless experiences so that you can enjoy your party without worrying about anything. We have been serving our clients with unparalleled entertainment and it is our mission to turn your ordinary party into an
extraordinary one.

It truly is a great time to be alive, VR ripped straight from the silver screen is now at your fingertips. A mere phone call away… which begs the question, why aren’t you calling right now? Thank you for your interest and consideration. Book today and witness the life-altering fun of VR. We hope to hear from you soon.

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