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Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first time renting 916VirtualRealityGameTruck, what should I expect?

Our experienced drivers are guaranteed to make it to the location of your event, please reserve a space of approximately 60 feet for 916VirtualRealityGameTruck. Upon arrival, the Game Coaches will set up based on your accommodations and preferences and consult with the host to advise on how to proceed. Players will be briefed on rules and instructions. Game Coaches will assist players to equip VR headsets and controllers. Now the fun begins! Get ready to be teleported into the immersive world of Virtual Reality. 

Do you have non-VR games? 

Of course we do! With a library of over 50+ titles, we have the latest and nostalgic games to entertain all age groups. Some of our most popular games are Minecraft, Mario Smash brothers, Mario Kart, Just Dance, Halo, Call of Duty – Black Ops, Madden, NBA 2K, Fifa, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat to name a few.

What games are available on 916VirtualRealityGameTruck? 

We have a variety of games of all genres for all ages.  If you have such concerns, inform us when booking or talk to the Game Coach upon arrival and we will make sure that the contents are appropriate. Otherwise, he/she will follow the lead of the guest(s) of honor. 

I don’t really play video games, will I enjoy VR?

The possibilities are limitless. You can immerse yourself into the depths of the ocean in a scuba diving experience, enjoy the breathtaking views from atop the Great Pyramids of Giza or take a tour of the world’s top historic sites and landmarks. There are experiences for players of all interests.

Will VR make me sick?

All games have varying levels of motion and camera movement. For those who are more prone to motion sickness, our qualified Game Coaches can help you choose games suitable for the best VR experience so that you can have fun and be comfortable.

How many people can play at a time? 

Our virtual reality game trucks can accommodate 7 VR players at a time and up to 16 – 20 regular video game players. At maximum capacity we do ask that additional gamers remain outside of the play area and the Game Coaches will assist in the rotation of turns.

Are the VR headsets and peripherals cleaned between use?

All our headsets and other peripherals are thoroughly cleaned after each play session.  Naturally derived cleaners are used to alleviate chemical and allergic reactions. Game Coaches handle the VR headsets reducing unnecessary soilage.

Can I wear glasses when using VR headsets?

Our virtual reality headsets are fully adjustable to achieve a secure fit for all users with or without glasses. While larger frames can be accommodated we highly recommend users to wear contacts for maximum comfort.

What are the physical limitations when using virtual reality peripherals?

To have the best experience, inform your Game Coach during booking of any conditions that you believe may limit your capability to participate. Our Game Coaches can help you pick out the games you will be most comfortable playing. Some games may not be suitable for certain impairments. In some cases, activities may need to be tailored to accommodate your needs. Please note: failure to disclose any existing or pre-existing conditions to the Game Coach is a risk the participant engages in at his or her own contingency.  

What payment types are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards “with matching identification”, cash and business checks.

What is your refund / cancellation policy? 

A valid credit card or debit card is required to guarantee and pay for your 916VirtualRealityGameTruck reservation. There will be a nonrefundable $100 deposit charge upon booking. 916VirtualRealityGameTruck will make every effort to postpone your event, with no penalty, to another date should cancelation be necessary. If the event is canceled within 7 days before the party, and additional $100 dollars will be charged to the credit card. If the event is canceled within 48 hours of the party, the full agreed upon price invoiced will be charged. 

Do you offer any promotions? 

We sure do! For a limited time book the 916VirtualRealityGameTruck between 7am and 10am Saturday to Sunday and receive $50.00 off. 

Are there any age restrictions?

We recommend players be at least 7 years old. However, some experiences can be played by younger children as long as the VR headset and controllers fit comfortably and are under the supervision of the host. We reserve the right to refuse access to certain games and experiences depending on the age of the player.

Can you restrict mature content for younger customers? 

Yes we can. Please inform your Game Coaches if there is any specific content or genres you would like excluded from your event.

Can I bring alcohol or tobacco aboard the game truck?

916VirtualRealityGameTruck strictly prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco, or any drugs aboard or around the play area. We reserve the right to refuse service to any clients who are under the influence.

What is the tipping policy?

Our Game Coaches are dedicated to assisting your guests make the most of our state of the art technology. Their mission is to provide exceptional customer service by tutoring, inspiring and entertaining participants. Tipping for good service is customary but not required.

What areas do you service?

Sacramento, Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, Placerville, Auburn, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, Woodland and surrounding areas.



A Travel/Fuel surcharge is applied for locations 40 miles outside of the home zip code. Virtual Reality.


In the event of severe weather (lightning, very high winds, flooding and/or extremely heavy rain, snow or ice) we may (and reserve the right to) reschedule your service to guarantee the safety of you, your guests, and our staff and equipment. If the threat of these storms threatens your party and you are aware in advance (pending or anticipated snow storm, tropical storm, or hurricane) please contact us to begin the rescheduling.


916VirtualRealityGameTruck does require a parent or chaperone to be present inside or just
outside of the trailer at all times.


You may serve alcohol at the 916VirtualRealityGameTruck event or party; however, we may require an on-site security surcharge and/or security deposit when alcohol is being served. We may and reserve the right to refuse, cancel or cut short any party or booking when alcohol is being served. Drugs of any sort will not be tolerated in or around 916VirtualRealityGameTruck equipment. Any observed use of illegal narcotics or legal narcotics used in an illegal manner will result in the termination of the party.


916VirtualRealityGameTruck or any of its employees will not be responsible for any damage to property resulting from a request by the client to position the theater in a specific location. This includes both above ground and below ground property/equipment damage. Additionally, 916VirtualRealityGameTruck reserves the right to charge the client’s credit card for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from the careless or willful damage of the client’s guests.
916VirtualRealityGameTruck and its employees assume no responsibility for any injuries sustained on the client’s property or their designated location. All liability for damages or injuries is the sole responsibility of the client and/or host.


916VirtualRealityGameTruck does not allow any food or drinks in the play area. Please have your guests consume food and beverages outside of the trailer prior to entering.


We must have a safe and approved place to park. We also need a fairly level area to park our truck and trailer.  We require approximately 60 feet of space for setup and operation. Please ensure there is parking available prior to day and time of event.


While your party is in effect our Game Coaches will be taking pictures/videos of the party from the inside of the trailer. You will be able to view these pictures on 916VirtualRealityGameTruck fan page. If you do not want the Game Coach to take pictures of the party, please kindly inform us via email before the party. Thank you.

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